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Or simply call us on 01204 332304
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Month: February 2014

Working to benefit you

It’s hard work looking for an independent merchant service company that is truly about serving the client and getting them the best possible service for the best price. However, here at IMS we don’t believe in hounding our callers with lots of fancy jargon, or empty promises; instead we want to build your trust and show you that our primary objective is acting in your interests. Continue reading “Working to benefit you”

Chips and pin anyone?

For over a decade now we’ve been successfully using chip and pin services all over the globe. Making shopping easier, the merchant service is so simple for both customers and businesses. As you may be aware of there a numerous style of chip and machines, some work better than others in selective environments, for example the portable one works bet in restaurants whilst the countertop works best in shops. Continue reading “Chips and pin anyone?”

We can iZettle that!

When it comes to merchant services, you can count on the Independent Merchant Services in Manchester to advise you on the best options and services for your business. As you may know it can be a very frustrating and confusing decision to make, with so many different companies, types of machinery and contracts to think about, it can get a bit too much.

In this instant our services here at IMS are perfect, as a free to use service we can go through the most beneficial and cost-effective merchant services for your business and your bank account. To view the services we provide visit our website. Continue reading “We can iZettle that!”

Virtual payments rock!

We’ve all paid for something over the phone where the money is taken out of our account instantly; this could be a bill, fine, bank transfer or product payment. This method is usually known as a virtual payment and it’s so fast and easy!

How it works over here at Independent Merchant Services, is that our merchant suppliers provide you and/or your business with a secure virtual terminal page which you log into, and you then put the customer’s card details onto the web form and can take card payments from anywhere across the UK, as long as you have internet connection.

There are many benefits with virtual payments process, one of which is the immediate confirmation/authorisation, meaning you don’t have to wait on hold for a few minutes before your payment is accepted.

Once a customer has paid the amount it usually takes 2-3 days to reach your account, and although there is a monthly fee for this service it allows all your transactions to be documented into Excel documents securely for business ease. We told you we had some of the best merchant services in Manchester.


So to find out more about virtual payments or any of our services and to take your business out to more revenues, contact the Independent Merchant Services today to get the best merchant services in Manchester for your business!

More money in your bank!

Everyone like seeing money in their bank account, that sense of achievement when you see your hard earned cash is great. Spending that hard earned cash on unnecessary things is something that a lot of us do every now and then, more often than not businesses overspend too, and one the things they may overspend on is their merchant services; this is where we come in.

Here at Independent Merchant Services in Manchester, we run a free service for business users which compares the current merchant service they use with some of the UK’s most recommended servers, to find them a more cheaper and beneficial service.

We don’t give any heavy sales pitches or make cold calls, instead the majority of our work is done through recommendations and we are a non-profit based company. Our aim is to get merchant service users the best value for their money.

We are partners with some of the UK’s best card service providers, so we can assure you that we always have yours and businesses best interests at heart. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a peek at what our customers have to say…

“IMS took away the facts and made their recommendations a few days later. I got better products, service and prices from the new supplier and saved over £3000 a year as well”- Alan, CEO Reynards.

There you can see the benefits of having Independent Merchant Service Manchester provide a trusted, reliable and cheaper merchant services supplier for your business.

To learn more about us and our merchant services call us on 0161 615 8187.