Is your merchant provider costing you too much? Find out with an Independent audit.

We specialise in Card Payment Audits and offer a free review of your current fees.

Compare your findings with us. Every month we are approached by Sole traders, Medium sized companies and occasionally major UK businesses with annual card turnover as much £20-30 million looking for help to reduce their merchant services costs.

We specialise in card payment audits and offer to work closely with you to:

  • Reduce your card payment fees
  • Improving the payment process experience
  • Protect the business from an increasing risk of card fraud
  • Find the best provider for your requirements

Our independent card payment audit reviews your current charges, identifying potential cost savings and evaluating the most cost effective payment processing procedures best suited to your business requirements.

We ensure you find the best provider and the lowest rates for your business. We can help compare any offers you receive from various providers and even improve on the rates you have already received.

We recognise that every company’s criteria are not necessarily focused purely on price and that an efficient secure payment process is also a key component in the decision to switch provider.

Our primary objective during a card payment audit is to work closely with you to achieve the most competitive rates from your preferred merchant services provider.

For an Independent Audit we require

  • A brief of your criteria about your future requirements for card processing
  • Letter of authority/non-disclosure agreement*
  • As much merchant services information as possible about your current provider including recent statements
  • Recent card payment statements and annual card turnover

Our Charges

In the event that we are unable to help or if we felt that there is little opportunity for us to contribute added value in your review and negotiations with various providers, we would simply give you some pointers to help you in your negotiation with your preferred providers. There would be no obligation and no charge.

Occasionally we do charge a small fee for our services – depending on the nature of the review, and the work involved and the approximate annual cost saving benefit. This could be a small percentage of the annual savings or alternatively a flat fee for our services.