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Business Cost of Accepting Payments By Cash

Cost Comparison websites are really Lead Generation websites

Are you looking to start accepting card payments or reviewing your current card payment provider. No doubt the first step is to look on the web for prices. Welcome to the world of Lead Generation!!

Most of the comparison websites out on the web are simply lead generation websites that sell on your enquiry to many of UK based card payment providers. That means that you won’t be getting a selection of quotes (which is really what you want)  – rather more you will be getting lots of phone calls from call centres, plenty of visits from reps and self-employed agents and a lot of interruptions.

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ASDA Security Leaks Missed for 2 Years

Data theft and fraud risk from popular online shopping site

Would you leave a bottle of milk in the fridge for two years, and expect nobody else to notice? In what could be an own goal for Walmart’s UK operations, a recent report has prompted a security alert on ASDA’s online shopping site. It turns out that groceries.ASDA.com, their e-commerce site has had security vulnerabilities for two years. Continue reading “ASDA Security Leaks Missed for 2 Years”

Capita Picks Up PayPoint Online

Online payment system to fall under Pay360 brand

Outsourcing giant Capita has added PayPoint’s online payment systems to their portfolio.  The company, whose interests include processing TV Licence payments, purchased PayPoint.net and Metacharge for £15 million.  Its existing customers will benefit from PayPoint’s infrastructure as well as Capita’s own system, Pay360. Continue reading “Capita Picks Up PayPoint Online”

Merchant Services – who is who?

Merchant Services – who is who?

Issuers, Acquirers, ISOs, Gateways, Processors…. Who are they all?

In the search for your merchant service supplier, you have probably come across a confusing array of organisations who sit at various points in the money transfer chain. Sometimes it can be hard to understand just who is taking the payments for you and what they are doing. We’ve put together our simple guide to give you an overview of the different types of players and demystify the process for you.

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Interchange rates are down – that’s good right?

You may well have heard the chatter about the EU’s intervention into the credit card market, following their conclusion that Visa and Mastercard were in violation of European antitrust laws and were abusing their position by setting the interchange rate (the percentage paid by banks to them for handling the transaction) artificially high. From 9th December 2015 the new EU regulations will cap interchange rates at 0.2% for debit card transactions and 0.3% for credit cards.

So what does this mean for independent merchants like yourself? Well, in theory, this will mean a saving of 1p versus current rates.

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Credit Card Design: A History

How credit and debit card design has evolved over the last 70 years

Over a century ago a credit card was unheard of unless you read Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy where something similar was envisaged in his sci-fi novel.  Till the 1980s, credit in most households meant ‘on tick’, ‘the slate’, or the ‘never never’.  It was collected on doorsteps or in showrooms.  It meant moneylenders or the pawn shop (the latter still seen on today’s High Streets).

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Apple Pay for Beginners

A look at Apple’s revolutionary payment method


There has been previous attempts at transferring our wallet from the jeans pocket to electronic devices over the last 25 years. Firstly, the debit card, which has replaced cheque books for everyday purchases, is the most successful to date. Then came prepaid cards, used in the Visa Cash system and many a gift card. The marriage between debit and credit cards with online shopping brought us electronic money transfer systems like PayPal and Worldpay. Among its offspring is contactless systems like Apple Pay. Continue reading “Apple Pay for Beginners”

Process Payments Proficiently and Promptly

If you wish to take payments over the phone then this could really broaden your horizons and enhance your reputation as a thriving and flourishing enterprise. You can extend your services out to a wider group of potential customers, as well as maintaining a solid existing client base. This will, in turn, increase revenue and expand your clientele, and you will be regarded as a reputable and established business if you decide to take advantage of the unbeatable solutions on offer here at Independent Merchant Services.

If you decide to use a Virtual Terminal and an Internet connection you will be able to take payments anywhere and on any computer. For some organisations, this is a convenient and cost-effective way in which to receive payment prior to releasing the goods. All you need to do is send an email to your client and ask them to click the link on the email. This then opens up a payment portal on their computer where they can add their card payment information. Once they click ‘send’ you will immediately receive notification of the authorised payment and you can then issue the goods to the client and despatch them straightaway. Continue reading “Process Payments Proficiently and Promptly”