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Credit Card Design: A History

Credit Card Design: A History

How credit and debit card design has evolved over the last 70 years

Over a century ago a credit card was unheard of unless you read Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy where something similar was envisaged in his sci-fi novel.  Till the 1980s, credit in most households meant ‘on tick’, ‘the slate’, or the ‘never never’.  It was collected on doorsteps or in showrooms.  It meant moneylenders or the pawn shop (the latter still seen on today’s High Streets).

Continue reading “Credit Card Design: A History”

Apple Pay for Beginners

A look at Apple’s revolutionary payment method


There has been previous attempts at transferring our wallet from the jeans pocket to electronic devices over the last 25 years. Firstly, the debit card, which has replaced cheque books for everyday purchases, is the most successful to date. Then came prepaid cards, used in the Visa Cash system and many a gift card. The marriage between debit and credit cards with online shopping brought us electronic money transfer systems like PayPal and Worldpay. Among its offspring is contactless systems like Apple Pay. Continue reading “Apple Pay for Beginners”

Process Payments Proficiently and Promptly

If you wish to take payments over the phone then this could really broaden your horizons and enhance your reputation as a thriving and flourishing enterprise. You can extend your services out to a wider group of potential customers, as well as maintaining a solid existing client base. This will, in turn, increase revenue and expand your clientele, and you will be regarded as a reputable and established business if you decide to take advantage of the unbeatable solutions on offer here at Independent Merchant Services.

If you decide to use a Virtual Terminal and an Internet connection you will be able to take payments anywhere and on any computer. For some organisations, this is a convenient and cost-effective way in which to receive payment prior to releasing the goods. All you need to do is send an email to your client and ask them to click the link on the email. This then opens up a payment portal on their computer where they can add their card payment information. Once they click ‘send’ you will immediately receive notification of the authorised payment and you can then issue the goods to the client and despatch them straightaway. Continue reading “Process Payments Proficiently and Promptly”

Reduce Your Fees Today

Do you remember the last time that you decided to review your merchant services fees? Well, why not let Independent Merchant Services assess and evaluate how much you are being charged and see if we can reduce the amount that you pay? If you are out of contract and your monthly bill is £70 or more then we will be able to help, as our team of professionals have instant access to the latest, most competitive rates currently available on the market. We will then compare them to your recent card processing fees and estimate how much you could save. All you need to do is quickly scan and email us your latest merchant services statement and we will then do all the hard work for you. Continue reading “Reduce Your Fees Today”

Top Tips to Avoid Being Overcharged

If you do not want to pay through the nose in order to benefit from tailored, flexible solutions which can be customised to suit all specific requirements and preferences then it is imperative that you get in touch with Independent Merchant Services today. We are professional, reliable and resourceful and will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. In order to avoid being overcharged by payment providers then here are some handy hints which could reduce your fees significantly: Continue reading “Top Tips to Avoid Being Overcharged”

What are the Benefits of Chip and PIN Solutions?

This handy little machine is one of the newest and fastest ways in which to accept card payments, as it is reliable, efficient and will not break down or malfunction unexpectedly. Contactless Payment is becoming increasingly popular amongst commercial enterprises, as all you need to do is scan a card over the screen and the payment is processed immediately and deducted from the customer’s account. With a transaction speed of less than half a second, it is far speedier than even paying cash and all payments are taken securely and promptly, with no need for someone to enter their PIN-which can even reduce the cost of a debit card fee by up to a further 7p off what you are currently paying. So if you are looking to process a transaction of £15 or under then this could prove to be the perfect solution. Continue reading “What are the Benefits of Chip and PIN Solutions?”

Tailored to Suit All of Your Commercial Needs

30Running a commercial enterprise can be difficult at the best of times, especially when you have to manage a team of employees and keep things ticking over so that your enterprise operates in a productive and efficient manner. Here at Independent Merchant Services, we have a range of solutions which can be tailored to suit your personal requirements and preferences. If you choose our approved, qualified and fully recommended providers then you can take full advantage of the additional business rewards and perks which are available, which includes a free legal helpline, free VAT and tax investigation advice as well as more affordable group rates. You can also benefit from regular Business Utility cost-reduction reviews which could decrease your outgoings significantly and make life just that little bit easier as a whole. Continue reading “Tailored to Suit All of Your Commercial Needs”

Always Consider the Small Print before Making an Informed Decision

Have you ever considered reviewing how much you are paying for the privilege of having merchant services available at your immediate disposal? If you are forking out over £70 per month and are out of contract, then this can be amended immediately, courtesy of Independent Merchant Services. All you have to do is email and scan your most recent statement and we will be able to see what the most appropriate course of action to take is. You will be able to reduce these fees significantly and we promise that all the information which you furnish us with is kept 100% confidential as your privacy is of paramount importance. We have access to the most affordable and competitive tariffs which are available in the current market and constantly look at ways in which we are able to improve our already excellent and extensive solutions. Continue reading “Always Consider the Small Print before Making an Informed Decision”

Simple and Convenient Online Payments

If you own a commercial enterprise and are looking for effective and simple payment solutions for your business, then have you ever considered accepting card payments without the need for a Chip and Pin machine? Sometimes, equipment does not work properly and starts to malfunction unexpectedly, which means that costly repair and maintenance work has to be carried out in order to repair apparatus and restore it back to its original condition. It is imperative that you make sure Chip and Pin terminals are in perfect working order and pristine condition, otherwise it could prove to be incredibly time-consuming and expensive if you have to constantly call on the professionals for assistance. Continue reading “Simple and Convenient Online Payments”

Payment Processes Made Easy

    • If you are looking for simple, easy card payment solutions for your commercial enterprise then it is important that you consider all the options available before making an informed and well-judged decision. There are some handy hints and top tips which will help you avoid investing in costly and unreliable card payment solutions such as reading the small print, doing a little bit of research and (most importantly) avoiding high street banks as we all know that they will do everything in their considerable power to make a tidy profit.You have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to buy their products just because you have an account with them, even if they tell you otherwise. Therefore you should always proceed with caution and care when dealing with a card payment provider, as you do not want to fork out a fortune for faulty and overpriced equipment.

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