chip and pin machines

Countertop PDQ

Static or Desktop terminals, also known as chip and pin machines or “card readers” are the most common types of card terminals. These terminals are always connected to a power point, and also a phone line or to a broadband router.

Countertop PDQ terminals are the most common solution for all face to face card payment transactions and speed up the customers payment experience whilst generating more opportunities to increase impulse sales for the merchant.

We recommend that chip and pin machinesbe connected to a broadband router for a quicker transaction process. This will avoid any possible interruption to the sale from any incoming phone calls on the same line.

Over the phone payments can be processed on Chip and pin terminals although usually there is usually a slight uplift in card fees because the card holder is not present during the transaction.

Chip and Pin terminals

Portable Bluetooth or Wi-fi Terminals

Bluetooth cordless chip and pin terminals can be used within a range of up to 50m to 100m of the Base Unit.Just bear in mind that like all Bluetooth products – they don’t work as effectively if the communication with the base unit is obstructed by walls.

The Wi-fi enabled version can alternatively be configured to process transactions through secure WiFi access. The terminals charge whilst on the cradle and require a fixed telephone line/a secure broadband connection and power point to function. These card payment machines have a battery life of up to 24 hours from a full chargewhich should be more than adequate for most businesses.

Portable terminals are ideal for environments such as restaurants, hotels or bars.

We only recommend the most reliable card machines that offer quick, secure and reliable processing of all transaction details within seconds.

Chip and Pin


These Chip and Pin machines can be used anywhere a mobile phone signal can be obtained. All it requires is a functional GPRS signal with a roaming connection.

The roaming signal picks up the strongest signal wherever you are to enable you to take card payments nearly anywhere in the UK.

They are more ideal for businesses that need to accept chip and pin card payments in various locations away from their business premises, such as at shows/ exhibitions, taxi drivers, electricians, carpet cleaners etc.

All you need to do is switch the device on, check the signal is strong and start accepting payments.

Chip and Pin Credit Card Machines

Contactless Payments

Speed up your transaction process and avoid queues at the till. Most contactless chip and pin payment terminals can accept card payments up to the value of £30 without the need to input a pin number by simply placing the contactless card next to the chip and pin terminal.

70% of people will tend to walk away when the queue at the till is too long. Contactless Payment is the latest and quickest way to accept card payments. Contactless terminals can within seconds, accept payments securely, and conveniently improving the customer’s payment experience.


Reduce my Chip and Pin fees

Many merchants ask us “how to reduce my chip and pin fees” and expect us to supply the PDQ terminals (aka Chip and pin terminals) on the shortest contracts at the lowest rates, however it isn’t as simple as that. The shortest contracts don’t always give you the best rates for PDQ terminals, but at least you aren’t tied in to 3-4 year contracts. At IMS we will try and offer the shortest contract at the most competitive rates as we believe you don’t need to tie yourself into a Chip and Pin terminal contract for anything longer than 12 months unless the card rates are substantially lower.