Has your business been declined for a variety of reasons by a mainstream merchant service provider?

merchant accountThis can be for such simple reasons as

  • Having a limited trading history
  • Operating in a new market sector
  • Trading in a high Risk sector
  • A director having a poor credit rating

Independent Merchant Services have a number of partner providers who specialise in delivering merchant accounts to high risk businesses at reasonable rates.

If your business falls into this category then contact us so we can discuss your requirements and recommend the best way forward.

It can be very time consuming completing many applications to be then declined by the acquirer.

We can’t always guarantee a successful outcome but our providers can pre-approve the application so we usually ask you to complete this pre-approval application to determine the likelihood of being successful.

But please bear in mind, the higher the risk, the higher the card processing fees, and possible deferred payment settlements.

So the more supporting information you can give to us the more chance you have of obtaining a merchant account.

Below are just some of the high risk sectors that can be approved

  • Replica • Payday Lending • Loan Brokers • New Start • Tech Support • PPI Claims • Recurring payments • Pharma • Nutra • Medical • Adult