Since we set up Independent Merchant Services in 2011, we have helped thousands of UK business owners reduce their card payment costs. Most business owners recognise the value of accepting card payments, but mention merchant services and they will often hold their hands up in despair about the complexity and mystery surrounding the pricing of their card processing costs.

Comparing offers and shopping around is essential but it is also time consuming, tedious and misleading.

Independent Merchant Services can cut all the hassle and pain out of the process by using our comprehensive knowledge of most card processing offers available in the marketplace to provide free, impartial advice and recommend the best deal for your needs. Call us now on 01204 322304 for a no-strings attached consultation.

No form filling, just prices, an explanation, some reassurance and back up support.

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IMS can advise you on all the latest offers and rates in the UK marketplace.
  • Who is genuinely offering me the best deal?
  • What about all the small print?
  • What is this charge for?
  • What are the implications of the contract they want me to sign?
  • Am I being over-charged?
  • Who is the best provider for my business?
  • Am I using the best process for payments?
  • Why is my business high risk?

At Independent Merchant Services, we evaluate the costs associated with the various types of card payments, and how the merchant can keep these costs down to a minimum.

As long as the card payment providers offer good after sales service, reliable terminals and competitive prices, with reasonable contractual terms, they will stay on our list of approved providers.

For your peace of mind, all our providers are tried and tested so should you have any issues with them during the contract we can help you to resolve them.

Of course prevention is better than cure so if they are good enough for the many hundreds of merchants who have taken our advice over the years, they’re good enough for us too!

Hidden in the small print of contracts you can often find additional charges like these below:

  • Set up fees
  • Authorisation fees
  • PCI compliance charges
  • Non Compliance Fees
  • Minimum Monthly service charges
  • Premium charges
  • Moto additional charges
  • Contract termination penalties
  • Length of the contract
  • Contract renewal rollovers

Sieving through quotes, pitches and small print is confusing, and time consuming, so if you want to “cut to the chase” and make an informed and accurate choice, then take 5 minutes and call to us to discuss the card providers, their “headline” pricing, and what they are actually charging you.

When dealing with any bank there are no shortage of terms and conditions, rules and regulations. The banks will expect you to read and agree to the small print before signing a contract which may come with hidden charges, high fees and sometimes long contracts with exit penalties.

We are happy to thoroughly check any provider’s contractual T’s and C’s and advise you of any potential pitfalls which may negatively affect you during the life of the proposed contract and recommend alternatives that may be more suitable to you.