new to cardsLooking to start taking card payments in your business and don’t know who to trust?

Contact us for free independent advice. As we deal with most of the leading card payment providers, we will point you in the direction of the most suitable and most cost effective route to suit your business.

Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of choice and routes to find the best card payment solution for your business.

Merchant Services can be a time consuming minefield for many business owners. Here’s what could happen if you do it yourself.

Cost comparison websites – Usually they saturate page one of the search engines. You think you are going to get up to 4 quotes but in fact these are lead generations companies who sell your contact details to as many companies as they can. So you may end up being inundated with call centres phone calls, sales pitches and confusing information.

High Street Banks – They simply pass the lead onto their affiliated acquiring bank, who usually then proceed to offer very uncompetitive rates . Just because you bank with one of the “Big 6” banks doesn’t mean you have to place your merchant services with them.

Acquiring Banks – You don’t get the best deals just because you choose to go direct to the acquiring banks. They may appear to offer very good prices but don’t always give you the key facts, only the ones they want you to hear.

ISO’s (Independent Sales Organisations) – generally can offer respectable rates but some have membership agreements that tie you into long contracts with exit penalties.

Self employed Sales Agents – They may highlight the cost saving opportunities but don’t always tell you about the things you don’t want to hear that would put you off signing up. Sign up and say goodbye, it’s unlikely you will see them again.

Pay as you go – The rates are very high but if you taking less than £1,000 on card transactions a month, this could be the best route for you,


Have the peace of mind knowing that it is not in our interests to stitch you into the wrong deal because we rely on recommendations and referrals to grow our business.

If the recommended provider lets you down, and they are unable to resolve the problem, we are sure you won’t be happy but then neither will we be either.