Switch without a Hitch

When it comes to merchant services, the chances are you, as the business owner, have been hounded by cost reduction call centres or sales agents who claim they can save you money on your card processing costs.

Whilst they may be able to reduce your costs – they may not necessarily be offering you the best deal in the market, just the deal that they can offer.

We are totally independent so call us and let us compare their offer with the rest of the market!

It’s so easy and so straightforward, as long as you aren’t still in contract.

We promise to ensure that the switching process goes according to plan.

  • From reviewing current charges/quotes
  • To sourcing the best and latest offers
  • From explaining the options
  • To choosing the best provider
  • And finally ensuring the whole process goes smoothly

As we aren’t a broker – We don’t get paid on protecting margin – We get paid on winning the deal for you so we need to find you the best deal.

However if it’s not worth switching – we will have no hesitation in telling you.

Plus as our business relies on referrals and recommendations, we want you to be impressed with what we can do for you so you will in turn recommend us to your colleagues.

So you can see where our interest lie. With you!