With most businesses now recognising that they need to accept card payments, sourcing the most suitable payment processing provider to suit your business can become a confusing ordeal.

Call centres, sales agents, small print, long term contracts, exit penalties and then after sales support. Do you really have the time let alone the inclination to read the providers terms and conditions?

If you do, you may find some unpleasant surprises, which is why we offer independent merchant services advice about card payment processing in the UK for small businesses.

Using Card Payments Online, and Over The Phone

Are you looking to take “cardholder not present” card payments, either over the phone, on an email via a click to pay link or on your website payment page? Let us help you through the process. At Independent Merchant Services, we understand that secure payment processing is an essential pre-requisite so we offer expert merchant services advice by pointing you towards the best payment providers, the costs, and the contracts. Our merchant services advice is free and there’s absolutely no obligation so get an independent opinion about online card payment processing services by calling us.

What We Offer

Every card provider will say they offer keen rates, and why wouldn’t they? But which provider is the best for your business. All our providers offer secure online payment processing services with no downtime leaving you secure in the knowledge your online payment processing won’t be compromised. All our approved providers deliver the most secure, reliable transaction process and make sure you are PCI DSS compliant with their online payment processing services too.

When it comes to online card payment processing, we work with the UK’s leading card payment processing providers offering the most competitive rates, and the most compatible shopping carts that include the most innovative ancillary ecommerce solutions.