independent payment gateway providersLooking to take payments on your website?

If you are looking for independent advice on payment gateway providers and merchant accounts, then feel free to contact us. We work with all merchants looking to take payments on their websites. From small and medium size businesses to international companies selling their goods all over the world from your website to your back-office reporting and accounts reconciliation. We offer both competitive rates, reliable payment gateway solutions that are compatible with most shopping carts, international payments and high risk merchant services. We can help you to set up and process online payments smoothly, securely and cost-effectively.

Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

  • Start taking online payments within days
  • Get transaction management reporting tools that are easy to use
  • Process payments 24/7 with no downtime
  • Choose the best package for you with our scalable price options
  • Add new payment methods and currencies
  • Meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

We compare monthly management fees, debit and credit card fees, additional transaction processing charges, PCI Compliance fees, the cost of the secure Payment Gateway, and the minimum monthly service charges. Call us for more information and a quote.

Moving on from PayPal

PayPal is ideal for occasional users looking to take online payments as they don’t charge a monthly management fee. However, they do charge substantial percentage fees for all debit and credit card charges which can become quite expensive. Let us compare the rates you are currently paying with PayPal against the lower rates and UK payment gateway fees you could be paying by applying for an online merchant account through Independent Merchant Services.

Payment Gateways

A Payment Gateway is a payment portal that allows website purchases to be processed securely through to your merchant account. It is the equivalent to the Point of Sale till that you would expect to see inside physical retail outlets and incorporates encryption security needed to protect customers and merchants against online fraud.

Your website platform and shopping cart can determine the choice of payment gateway provider. If the shopping cart isn’t compatible then you may be restricted to selected secure payment gateways however we can offer approved payment gateways that are compatible with 98% of the shopping carts.

Speak to one of our independent payment gateway specialists today about a merchant account or payment gateway  providers and see how we can tailor the perfect payment package, including market leading credit and debit card rates,payment gateway fees and payment gateway providers for your business needs.