Virtual Terminals are the perfect online solution for UK businesses looking processing credit card payments over the phone. Independent Merchant Services can help you chose the right provider for you. Click here for our overview of what a Virtual Terminal is and how it can work for you. This example is with UK market leaders WorldPay.

Virtual Terminals allow you to take payments using any computer, tablet or even a smart phone, anywhere with an internet connection. An ideal solution for businesses who want to process credit card payments online while the card and the card holder are not present.

Simply log onto the virtual terminal using a secure password on any web enabled device and input the customer’s card details. Transactions are confirmed to both parties via email and funds are transferred to your bank account within 3 working days.

UK Virtual Terminal lowest rates The cost of a Virtual terminal can vary between £0 – £20 + VAT per month. We have some of the UK lowest rates for a virtual terminal. Most providers charge a monthly fee, and will usually include a bundle of free transaction processing fees included in the tariff but some providers will charge you a fee for processing the transaction on a pay as you go basis along with a set up fee. For clarity, call us to discuss virtual terminals, the UK lowest rates and best packages to suit your business.

As customers are not present during the transaction, credit card processing fees are generally slightly higher due the increased risk of fraud.

Accepting cards payments over the phone

Avirtual terminalis perfect for accepting payment for creditcard processing over the phone will extend your services out to a wider group of customers and increase potential revenue. With the use of a Virtual Terminal and an internet connection, you can take payments anywhere and on any computer.

Taking Payments by email

For some businesses this is a convenient way to receive payment prior to releasing the goods. Just send an email to your client requesting them to click the link on the email. This opens up a payment portal on their computer where they can add their card payment details. Once they click “send”, you receive notification of the authorised payment and can release the goods/services to your client subject to the Visa and Mastercard terms and conditions.

Record all your online transactions

All transactions are recorded on the virtual terminal and the management reporting system confirms each transaction immediately it has been approved. A full historical report of all transactions is stored on the terminal.