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Top Tips to Avoid Being Overcharged

If you do not want to pay through the nose in order to benefit from tailored, flexible solutions which can be customised to suit all specific requirements and preferences then it is imperative that you get in touch with Independent Merchant Services today. We are professional, reliable and resourceful and will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. In order to avoid being overcharged by payment providers then here are some handy hints which could reduce your fees significantly:


Companies will sell on your enquiry to up to four leading card payment providers and then you will be inundated with calls from advisors attempting to sell you their sales pitches. Some deals may seem attractive and enticing, but you have to proceed with caution as providers might deliberately withhold important information in order to reach set targets and achieve objectives. Always read the small print charges, terms and conditions to ensure that you are fully aware of what an agreement exactly entails.


If you ever see the headline “LOWEST RATES GUARANTEED!” then you have to be automatically on your guard. This can mask a multitude of costs secreted in the rest of the agreement. We are familiar with how many of the UK’s best known card providers operate, especially when it comes to their after-sales service, the finer details of their contracts and their card rates.


Typically, customers would always think to go to the high street banks for advice and assistance, but they are NOT merchant banks, and will just pass on your enquiry to their allied acquiring bank after they have added an all-important mark-up; naturally. Their final quotation is usually far from competitive and rather overpriced, and just because you bank in their branch does not mean that you should be obliged to go with their recommendation.


When dealing with ANY bank there is no shortage of terms and conditions, rules and regulations. The banks will expect you to look at the small print before signing a contract and enter into a long-term agreement which may come with hidden charges and fees. We can independently advise and highlight any potential dangers and pitfalls which may affect you and the livelihood of your business in the future.


Some card payment companies will operate commission structures which reward high-street banks or self-employed sales advisors for charging over-inflated rates directly to you. We are different in the sense that we only get paid by the amount of clients that we deliver to approved providers and promise to find the most suitable provider and the cheapest deal which best meets your specific requirements.


Many companies may fail to mention this to you when you initially enter into an agreement, but for smaller merchants this fee could be even more important and lucrative than the card rates.

We are a leading independent merchant services company that always strives to deliver on all levels and exceed the highest of expectations. Our fantastic merchant services company has built up a reputation for quality and excellence in the time they have been trading and our client care and attention to detail is second to none. To find out more about how we can help your business thrive and flourish then just give Independent Merchant Services a call.

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