Whilst you have no contract with us and no obligation to accept our guidance, we are comfortable to know that the offer we have given you from the approved provider is generally one of the most competitive deals currently available.

  • The Payment Providers we use represent almost 80% of the UK merchant services and all have been tried tested and approved by IMS.
  • We have no allegiance to any of them but as long as they offer you the best services, products, prices and contracts throughout your time with them, that’s good enough for us!
  • Consider us as an information help desk rather than a broker, bank or provider.
  • Your contract is with the provider we recommend not with us
  • We generally won’t charge you for our services.

We will:

  • Be consultative
  • Be transparent
  • Be competitive
  • Give you key facts in one phone call
  • Give you an explanation for our recommendation
  • Offer support during the contract with the recommended provider

We won’t:

  • Cold call – (we hate it too)
  • Be pushy and manipulative with the facts
  • Cover up any facts you need to know
  • Hound you till you sign
  • Send you junk mail
  • Bombard you with too much information