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Welcome to Independent Merchant Services. We offer comprehensive and straight-talking advice on the UK’s leading merchant services providers, their prices, their contracts and their after sales support. All the information you need in one phone call – No charge and No obligation.

Hundreds of merchants contact us each month for impartial advice on the best card payment options for their business. From sole traders and small businesses to multi-million national and global businesses, get an independent opinion on all issues related to Merchant Services.

Looking for Chip and Pin card terminals, Online payments, Virtual terminals or Integrated payment solutions? We will point you in the right direction to achieve the most competitive and suitable payment processing choice for your business.

Usually the cheapest merchant accounts can be deceptive misleading as these “deals” can often hide a multitude of conditions and additional charges hidden in the small print, and can also tie you into long term contracts that can be difficult and expensive to leave.

We will always endeavour to find you the cheapest merchant accounts that offer you the best value, the best solutions, the most reliable terminals and the shortest contracts.

Looking to take payments on your website? For an online merchant account, you will need both a merchant account and a payment gateway and we can help you compare and find the provider that offers the most suitable package for both.

Card Payment Processing

Most businesses now recognise that accepting card payments is an essential way of collecting payments whether this be accepting VISA cards or Mastercard. We offer independent card payment advice on both Visacard payments and Mastercard payments

Accepting cards on a chip and pin terminal, or taking card payments over the phone, online

Merchant Service Providers

Chip & Pin Terminals

Get the latest offers, the best debit and credit card terminals, the most competitive rates, and the right card payment solution for your business.

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Online Merchant accounts

Online Payments

Need to take card payments over the phone, on your website and by e mail. Contact us for the best online payment solutions for you.

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EPOS Systems

Want to know about the latest EPOS terminals, the best deals and the right products to suit your requirements? Android & Windows supported.

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Card Payment Audits

Get an independent review of your costs. We identify the rates you should be paying and the money you should be saving.

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No Call centres, No Hard sell, No Obligation and No Charge. Just ONE call!

It’s not just the headline “Low Rates” claims that we compare, we also analyse all those other charges hidden in the small print in order to provide you with a summary of the most reasonable and competitive offers currently available.

We will give you all the information that you need to know in one phone call, explain why one offer is better than another.

Online MasterCard payments
Online Visa Card Payments

We offer you our back up support and stand by you all through your contract with the approved provider.

In the unlikely event that you need our advice and support during the contract with the recommended provider, simply call us and we promise to help you resolve your issues with the payment provider.

Your contract is with the selected provider but as all our providers are tried, tested and approved by us, we stand by you and will step in to assist in any issues you may have during your contract with the provider.


Information you need to know

1) Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation companies are usually found on page one of the search engines disguised as Comparison websites. This is not the case, they simply take your enquiry details and sell them to various card payment providers. Put your details on these websites and your phone won’t stop ringing for the next few weeks, with well versed card payment providers trained to push their own products .

2) Lowest Rates

Beware of the headline “lowest rates guaranteed” claim. This can hide a multitude of costs hidden in the rest of the contract. We are familiar with how many of the leading UK card providers work, the card rates, their after sales service and the detail of their contracts!

3) Avoid High Street Banks

It may seem the obvious route to go for a merchant account but it isn’t.

High street banks are not Merchant banks, and simply pass on your enquiry to their partnered acquiring bank… after they have added their mark-up of course.  Their quotation is usually far from competitive and you should have absolutely no obligation to go with their recommendation just because you bank with them.

4) The Small Print!

Remember you are dealing with banks so there’s no shortage of terms and conditions and a lot of “gobbledy gook.”

The banks will expect you to read the small print and may sign your business into a long detailed contract that has additional fees or penalties. These costs may affect you at sometime during the contract and need to be highlighted and possibly removed at the point of negotiation. It’s too late to lament and regret once you have signed the contract. We can independently advise and highlight any potential pitfalls that may affect you.

5) Commissions

Some card payment companies operate commission structures that reward self-employed sales agents or high street banks with larger commissions for charging higher rates to you.

So always compare any rates you have been quoted and bear in mind that unlike us, these self employed agents will not offer you any help once the contract is signed and they have their commission.

6) Minimum Monthly Service charges

Some companies fail to mention this, but all merchant accounts have this charge.

For merchants who only need to take the occasional card payment, this can be more significant to the monthly costs than the card fee rates.


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