What are we? – Providers – Brokers – Re-sellers – Vigilantes?

Well actually, a bit of all the above in the way we work but if we had to be one of the above then consider us more like an Information help desk. Primarily though our key objective is to:

  • Find the most suitable and most competitive deal for you
  • Keep your processing costs to a minimum
  • Ensure you will be satisfied with the recommended provider throughout the contract

How do we work

Every day we speak to business owners who are looking for the best deal for them. We listen to what they want, discuss their requirements and make our recommendations with a full explanation why. Even then, there is no charge from us and still no obligation to proceed with our recommendations.

There are many factors that determine the rates achievable in the market place such as turnover, number of transactions, type of transaction, type of product/service, business sector and risk assessment.

How does IMS make it’s money?

Generally we get paid an flat introducers fee from most of the leading providers so it is in our interests to ensure we find you the best deal so that you proceed with our recommendation. (It’s the only way we will get paid).

Back up support

What happens if you have a problem with the recommended provider and who do you complain to?

In the first instance we recommend you contact the provider but in the unlikely event that you are not happy with the merchant services response, we would like to know. We can’t always guarantee we can resolve your issue but unresolved complaints can lead to us not only switching you to a new provider but also striking the providers off our approved list.

The after sales service from card providers is important and we judge every card provider on their ability to give our clients keen rates and also the fastest, fairest and most reliable after sales service.

The Small Print

We recognise that you probably don’t have the time or the inclination to read the terms and conditions of the providers contract, let alone try and understand them. We are familiar with the legal jargon/small print associated with merchant account contracts and can simply what you are actually signing up for.

Why Trust Us

Well you will have to trust someone so, whilst we appreciate you don’t know us, acting in your interests is our primary objective. We only get paid if we win your business and to win your business, we must find the best deals and pass on these savings and benefits to you. Usually we receive a flat fee from the most competitive provider, so unlike brokers, working in your interests only is our priority.


Contracts can be from 30 days to 4 year deals, some with exit penalties (particularly where Chip and Pin terminal leases are involved). Do you really have the time to read the contract and do you really understand the conditions and consequences? Have the peace of mind of knowing that we have checked the terms and can negotiate any issue with provider on your behalf.


If we compromise our key values to always work in your interests, we compromise the future of Independent Merchant Services. As we all know it doesn’t take much to lose a good reputation. Each year over 800 businesses take our free independent advice and benefit from great rates and reliable service from our preferred card payment providers.

Strength in Numbers

As our business grows, we become stronger, and are able to negotiate even better rates with our preferred suppliers each year. Our aim is to help keep your costs under control while you focus on running your business, the more customers we have, the more competitive the offers. So spread the word to your business associates!

Price Promise

Our aim is to always find you the lowest rates, but feel free to do your own research. In the unlikely event that you think you have a better offer, just send us the quotation. Our approved providers usually won’t be beaten on price so as long as you allow us to compare “like for like” quotations that are confirmed in writing. If we think you have a great deal we will tell you. It’s as simple as that!

Best overall package/Best payment provider

As we are only paid if we win your business, we are as keen as you are to find the best card payment provider and the complete deal. We take into consideration length of contract, rates, additional fees, after sales service and other business benefits that may be included in the overall package. We also take into consideration all the factors such as the nature of your business, number of transactions, turnover, risk exposure for the banks, and funding delays before recommending the best card payment provider.