Roger Milne – Managing Director

Independent Merchant Services is based in northwest England and was established in 2011 after our MD’s frustrating experiences searching for a merchant services provider.

After spending hours surfing the internet, dealing with call centres, self-employed sales agents, confusing quotes and reams of tedious contractual small print in the applications, he recognised that most business owners simply don’t have the time, let alone the knowledge to understand merchant services and even then there’s no guarantee they have made the right decision until they are knee deep into the contract. Is this familiar to you?

The internet has given us too much choice and not enough clarity. From lead generation companies to opportunistic high street banks, hidden charges to poor after sales service, it has really become a minefield for merchants.

Are We Really Independent?

Yes we are totally independent and whilst we have our preferred payment providers, we have no allegiance to any of them. However, we ensure all our preferred providers are tried, tested and approved not just on price, but also the quality of their after sales service, their terminals and the nature of their contracts.

In the event that the above criteria are compromised, we would have no hesitation in removing them from our list of approved providers.

What actually do we do?

From start-up businesses and sole traders through to limited companies and multi-site national enterprises, we offer advice on the best route for your business.

Our aim is to help you reduce your costs and/or find you the best deal

Our services are free because we get paid from the banks/provider offering the best deal for you.

The best deal should be determined not just on price but also excellent after sales service, accurate up to date reporting, secure swift transaction processing and prompt payment into your bank account.

We stand by the recommendation throughout your contract with the provider.