Within 2-3 working days generally unless your businesses is in a high risk sector where a funding delay/deferred settlement of funds has been accepted.

All rates are either blended rates or track the Visa and Mastercard interchange rates that will fluctuate so I would question any provider who claims to “cap” the rates.

Your contract is with the card provider’s after sales team but in the event they are unable to meet your satisfaction criteria, we ask you to report the complaint to us. We will step in to try and help you resolve the matter.

No – The contract is always with the Payment Service Provider. IMS are non-contractual third party negotiating on your behalf.

Usually 7 – 14 days but it depends on how quickly you want the terminal and often the provider that offers the quickest delivery isn’t always the most competitive.

If you need your order to be fast tracked then let us know.

We use our group buying power to get better rates than a single business would achieve on its own, and we are confident we can achieve much more competitive rates then most business owners can direct.

The market is always changing and we are usually the first to hear about the genuine latest offers from the major card providers. Of course in the unlikely event that you have a better deal, let us compare like for like. We don’t like to be beaten.

Because this is all we do 40 hours a week and we like to think we know about merchant services like you know about your business. If we can’t make genuine and real value savings then we will tell you.

Our services are free. We usually receive a flat fee from the payment provider best suited for your requirements.

Because that’s our job! If we don’t do this – we won’t get paid from the provider that wins your business.

Referrals are the lifeline of our business which is why we work in your interests. We need you to be delighted with our results and the benefits we have brought to your business so you then recommend us to other businesses. We explain the potential pitfalls of some providers, and highlight the small print such as hidden fees, exit penalties or automatic contract extensions, so you can make an informed decision.